Frequently Asked Questions about lawn care and landscaping

Q. What about aeration?
A. It improves turfgrass rooting- allowing better water uptake, enhancing fertilizer use & speeding up thatch breakdown.

Q. What is thatch?
A. A loose layer of dead and living shoots, stems and roots between green vegetation and the soil surface.

Q. What are some Spring Lawn Care Tips?
A. Raking, Aeration, Overseeding, Fertilizing, Applying Herbicides & Pre-emergents, Pulling Weeds, Tuning Up, Existing Lawn Mowers & Sharpening Blades, Buying a new lawn mower if needed or call Hoke’s.

Q. When and how often should I water?
The best time to water is around 3:00 am to 4:00 am. This time is optimum because watering before sunrise helps decrease the possibility for disease, wind is lighter, potential for evaporation is lower, and water pressure is higher.

The length of time spent watering varies depending on several factors such as: soil type, season, and weather conditions. An ideal schedule to get started in cooler weather would be once per week for about 20 minutes. Twice per week for 20 minutes should be sufficient in summer weather. During this time, you should make monitoring soil a habit to avoid the possibility of under or over-watering.

Q. How and when should I prune?
Poor pruning can gravely diminish a plant’s life expectancy. Every plant requires different pruning techniques so how or when to prune varies greatly. It’s best to contact a professional if you have further questions.

Q. How much does Landscape Design cost?
A. Hoke’s Landscape Designs start around $200 and vary depending on the design area’s size. Landscape Design costs are not applied to the installation cost.

Q. What is your quote process?
One of our representatives will meet with the property owner or manager, who should bring a copy of their survey plot plan (survey plot plans are used to design the landscaping around your property with exact measurements).

We’ll then determine if a computer-generated design is required. If a computer-generated design is unnecessary, a quote or proposal is created and returned within a few days. If a computer-generated design is needed (requires 1-6 weeks, depending on the complexity), we’ll complete the drawing and another appointment is scheduled to review any modifications and to finalize the design.

Q. How do you create your designs?
Hoke’s designs are developed by drafting, or computer-aided software. Our programming method allows us to adjust our designs to the client’s needs in addition to providing multiple copies of the design and creating a visual strategy toward the final product.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?
Hoke’s Lawn & Landscaping Service accepts cash and checks.

Q. Which Ohio areas do you serivce?
Hoke’s Lawn & Landscaping Service services several areas in and around the Miami Valley including Springfield, Fairborn, Urbana, and Yellow Springs.

Landscaping Facts

When lawn grass turns a darker green and foot prints can be seen in the turf, it is water stressed. To remain green and growing, irrigate at this stage. Water lawn grasses one inch per week (including rain fall). Avoid light sprinkling. It promotes shallow root growth. Since browning of lawn grass only puts the turf into dormancy, watering is not necessary to keep the turf alive. Do it right or don’t water at all. Extreme heat and drought however, can damage turf to a point where it will need reseeding.

Frequently Asked Questions - questions about Landscaping and faqs on lawn care