Snow Removal Tips

On December 24, 2010, in Tips, by Hoke's Lawn & Landscaping Service

Patience and preparation are both key for staying safe during a snowstorm, but they also come in handy during snow removal efforts that take place afterward. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines to keep in mind during this holiday’s winter season:

  1. Do you have difficulty with snow sticking to your shovel as you move along? Try spraying a slight coating of WD-40 oil on your shovel’s blade as this can help snow slide off quickly.

  2. Rock salt contains water, meaning it has the potential to turn icy when temperatures drop below freezing. As an alternative, try using ice melt as a preventive measure for icy walkways and to keep wear on brick or cement to a minimum. Another option to consider is sand, which offers traction on icy paths.

  3. Winter is very difficult on disabled and elderly people who must use a wheel chair to get around. It’s an especially good idea to give them adequate room (a path more than wide enough) to travel your sidewalks easily.

  4. Salt from the street combined with snow can kill your plants! With the exception of certain bulbs which can survive these conditions, we highly recommend not planting anywhere snow may be dumped repeatedly during the winter. When mapping out your garden, keep in mind any areas where snow plows may kick up salt and pile excess snow.

  5. Keep any fire hydrants on or around your property clear! This can save valuable time during an emergency situation.

If you’re unable to remove snow from your property, we can help provide a safer winter environment for your home or business. Contact Hoke’s for a free Snow Removal quote!

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Check back soon!

Landscape Design & Construction From vision to creation, Hoke’s can design, install and maintain your dream landscape. Whether it’s redesigning your existing landscape or installing a new one, we handle it all.

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Wish List

On December 11, 2009, in Landscaping, by Hoke's Lawn & Landscaping Service

Why not create your landscape wish list now. You and your landscaper can plan ahead for spring with all the seasons in mind. Plan to have color all year round.

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Holly Bushes

On December 9, 2009, in Gardening, by Hoke's Lawn & Landscaping Service

Holly bushes have been part of the Christmas tradition! You can plant them in the garden for year-round color. Cultivation of the plant can take up to two years though, so be patient. Remember to check out some of the Christmas celebrations going on in your town!

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Let’s Talk Poinsettia!

On December 4, 2009, in Gardening, Tips, by Hoke's Lawn & Landscaping Service

Choose a plant that is about two times taller than the diameter of the pot. Look for flowers that are fresh, green or red-tipped and not covered with pollen. Dryness could cause the plant to have yellow leaves. If the soil is wet and the plant is wilted–the plant has root rot. A sunny window is an ideal place for your poinsettia. Water when dry and be sure the container has proper drainage.

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