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Landscaping Facts

The best weed control is setting the mower at three inches or more. The most effective time to use herbicides is late September. This is when dandelions are mature. Treat them in September and they will not be there in spring. Herbicides can also be effective in early May. The best time for herbicides is not the best time to fertilizer. Using fertilizers at a different time and separately from herbicides is therefore advised. Spot treating individual weed plants is more economic and environmentally wise. Do not apply at any other rate higher then the labeled instructions. The most effective herbicide formulation includes 2-4-D, mecoprop and dicamba. This mixed product is know as a Trimec. Most lawn herbicide brands are this formulation. For Crabgrass control apply a pre-emergence crabgrass herbicide (without fertilizer) in late April or when the Forsythia shrub displays its full, bright yellow bloom.